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Hi πŸ‘‹, I'm LucaNL

I'am a mainly FiveM Developer

Languages and Tools:

css3 html5 java php lua


I myself was always looking for a good working script for a CarWhitelist so i can chose what job can drive a emergency vehicle, but never really could find something good, and something that actually did it right. So I made my own CarWhitelist script.


A script that allows you to create vehicles for only one or several jobs, so you can make sure people dont steal emergency vehicles. Like police, ambulance and so on. This script causes no performance loss.


  • Configureate what job can sit in a emergency as driver
  • Notifications when kicked out of an emergency vehicle
  • No performance loss, (0.01ms)
  • Easy configureate what vehicles are whitelisted for emergency like police ambulance and so forth

This script has a version check, new versions will be released regularly, so you can see it right at the start of the server.


  • ESX

Download and preview

PREVIEW v1.0.0


How to install

  1. Download the recource
  2. Change the config in config.lua and take a look at the client.lua/line-10 for adjustments
  3. Rename te script to: CarWhitelist
  4. Add this to your server.cfg:
ensure CarWhitelist
  1. Enjoy the script :smiley:


None Yet


Please don’t use GetPlayerPed(-1) use PlayerPedId()


Thnx Changed, forgot that was there too :smiley:

sick script!Β¬

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