Buy from here: https://vns.tebex.io/ FREE
(You choose how much to pay, if you have any problem, put 0.0 in price)

• Fivem ready (Drug & Drop)
• Realistic Handlings (max speed ~300 km/h)
• Modifications (no extras)
• Optimized
• Low texture size
• Polygons: 321588

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what’s the difference from all the free R8s on gtamods?



I agree with @ohitsjudd at is different about this car compared to the others on GTA5-Mods?

I have the same one on one of my test servers, I opened the 3D model of it and the number of polygons are exactly the same.

Like this, it would almost make you believe that it’s a car taken from GTA-Mods and resold for +20€ without really having made any modifications. If you have done any modifications, make a list so that people can understand what you have done on it. Otherwise, if it’s a car taken directly from GTA-Mods it’s not very honest from you…


this looks IDENTICAL. 1:1 of a GTA5-MODS version of the same vehicle. if this is really “modified” you should include a changelog or list of what has been changed.

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This car is actually poop. Wheels don’t even fit the Widebody Kit lol

Hes a great model for your FiveM server, for free: Audi R8 2020 [Add-On / FiveM] - GTA5-Mods.com

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Would be great to include a more detailed list of features, the rough list you have provided does not really tell the difference between this and the others.

yeah, you can take this one for free if you want, both are based on same model, thats why it has same polygons, mine has been optimized with ZModeler for better FPS, maybe this free is already optimized, idk.

Do you have a license to be selling this 3d model that has been converted to GTA 5 from Forza?

its not from forza

“Both are based on the same model”,

In the GTA 5 Mods description :

Audi r8 2020

Base model:Forza

i didnt saw its from forza, but mine its not from there, mine its from turbo squid maybe turbo squid took it from forza? i have no idea

Can you send the link from TurboSquid.com ?

from the model that we bought? no.
if you search you will find many vehicles but I will not tell you what model we have

So you are not going to prove that you did not take the model that is the same on GTA 5 Mods, you sound kind of sketchy not providing 3d model. If you purchased it off a public website with rights to sell it, there should be no problem to prove it right?

why i have to prove it? you are free to download the free one on gta5 mods if you want.
no, will not tell on public forum what 3d model i uses because it’s easier others to make the same vehicle if they have the same model. like in gta5 mods there are many vehicles, the different is in the model.

But you said the 3D model you used to convert this to GTA 5 is the same from the one provided in the link above, therefore are you allowed to sell it, Do you have a legal license to use it for profit?

when you but a 3d model you have the rights to do it everything you want, that’s why you buy it at high price

I know, but the reason I am asking you to provide legal license for selling is because you said the one on gta 5 mods is the same as yours from the same model, that model was ripped from Forza, therefore you do not have rights to sell this vehicle if it came from Forza.

im not 100% sure if those two are the same model, i told they are the same bcz i someone said both cars have same polygons, and from photos i saw i think they are the same.
maybe someone took it from forza, sell it on turbo and then i bought it, maybe the gta5 uploader took it from turbo and has wrong info, i have no idea. i will download the gta5 mods and i will try to figure to see if they are the same model, if they are then f*ck… i bought something that was free.
also i will change this to free (no sales yet)