[Release] [FREE] Aspect-Anticheat

I know it’s a bold claim. But most free anti-cheats don’t have many features this has tons.

Fixed the issue @AucklandLRP

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Fixed all bugs lol

You should move the Discord Webhook config from Shared to Server, since if it’s shared a modder can just get the webhook url.

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No dumper can do this from what I am aware

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Modders usually are using dumpers that pull the client side scripts not server side.

But i am aware that the configs can be pulled also, so this is something @AspectDEV should look into!

This is for free? That is crazy most work like this costs at least 50+! Good work man!

Shared files are executed on both Client and Server, hence the name Shared.

I know. I hate modders and wanted my work to be shared (open source) for other people :slight_smile:

I have and from what I know all the current dumpers do is dumb streamable and client sided files some but I have never heard of them getting a shared file I will look into it tho :slight_smile:

Dumpers get both Client and Shared, because shared is executed on them also. You can just make another config file, and only include it on server for discord webhooks.

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Shared files are files that are loaded by both the client AND server. Hence the term “shared”. So yes, if they dump, they get the config file.


Hey! First of all, nice Anticheat, but i have one problem.
I use this ressource [Release] Weapons On Back which puts you a weapon on your back. But my Shotgun always gets invisible.
When i stop Aspect-Anticheat, i see the weapon on my back correctly.
Any solutions?

Greetings Nik

I’m having problems, anti cheat banning me without having powers, not using it in the clip and banning it by godmode, player enter the city and receive a ban for no reason! all.

Blacklisted weapons?

Private Message me so I can explain :slight_smile:

thanks for this free release but is there a fix that the vehicle hud isn’t blocked

My bad lol I logged in on my phone and there not the same account

Congratulations on the work but I could have organized the code better.

Then make a pull request on Github with your better-organized code!