[Release] [Free] "Advanced" Weapon Animation Menu

Do you know where I can find any documentation?

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they don’t seem to have a specific page about KVS, but here are some native docs:

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Here’s an example for you that I have in my “No Idle Cam” script. You can see that the KVS (Key value store) is storing player preferences, and in this case the preferences are ON or OFF. setResourceKpv (key-value store) and GetResourceKvpString

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you have your choice of:

client-side: kvs

server-side: kvs

Client-side pros:

  • Will work on any server assuming they have the right version of this resource and it’s named exactly the same as you name it, the resource mustn’t be renamed.

Client-side cons:

  • If you get a new PC or use multiple PCs to play FiveM, you have to sync your AppData stuff, or you’ll lose your preferences.

  • Changing the resource’s name will result in players losing their preferences.

  • A malicious server could delete all their preferences with a fake resource named exactly the same thing.

Server-side pros:

  • No matter PC the player uses, as long as they have whatever identifier(s) (game license, Cfx account, Steam account, Discord account, Xbox Live account, etc.) you use to link them to their preferences, they won’t lose them.

  • You can change the name of the resource or virtually anything about the backend without players losing their preferences

  • Easy to use the data in other ways (what’s the most popular aim style on your server? Look it up in the database!)

Server-side cons:

  • Players will have to set their preferences on each server they play on (or at least each server run by different people)

For my Idle Cam script, I made it client side. Players can decide to turn it back on themselves on the servers they join, as long as that server has the current version of my script, and it hasn’t been renamed from NoIdleCam.

Hopefully all of this information helps :relaxed:


Thank you this will help a lot not only with this script but with future ones and with old ones that I might decide to go back and update.

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There’s a whole bunch of SQL nonsense but KVS is pretty much built into cfxe or something from what I’ve heard so, probably easier to use that :man_shrugging:t2:

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Can you add the “cop” animation set to this? (Ie the animations where your character holds the gun in two hands while in cover, etc etc)

Looks awesome!

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amazing script

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Very Nice, messed in a server with it, best shots ive got with it
One handed AR best way to go


That’s some very nice pictures you took, I will be releasing a new and more optimized version of this tomorrow.


Thanks, I look forward to it



ok, love it, but below the title it says “Weapon Animatoin menu” I legit changed everything to say animation and nothing works

Very well made, 0 Lag or texture loss. Love it.

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i die whenever i get deep in the water with an animation.

Hey , when we die while we are scoping someone we can’t get out weapon !

is there any way we can increase the times to pull out the weapons

Ah, this looks cool, I’ve seen a lot of servers that have this, and this improves roleplay so much, I love all the effort you put into it.

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how do i download this man u make me want to kill mesleif its so dam hard