[Release] [Free] "Advanced" Weapon Animation Menu

yo great script bro, i had the first relese, and the updated one, how ever, the updated one seams a bit more buggy.
Its setting gangster aim by default.
any weapon gangster aims.
sneaking and trying to punch gangster aims.
main bugs from me im sure you will get it sorted but the main thing is gangster aim by default.
im sure youll get on ti it when you can thanks you for the release bro !

yeah ragdolling seams to handcuff you, and you have to attack to get out of it

The gangster aim issue is just in the config lines 30-32

-- Aim animation every player has by default when joining the server.
-- Default = 0 | Gangster = 1 | Hillbilly = 2
Config.StartingAimAnimation = 1

That’s how it comes, just change the 1 to a 0 and you’re fine upon script/server restart, you’ll aim normally.



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Thank you for letting me know I’ll get to all these issues and fix them once I’m home.

I’ll fix that too

Script is amazing, but the ms of 24 with the animation menu open and 7 ms when running idle is a bit high? think you can optimize it a bit? Please :slight_smile:


Yeah we really love this but its soooo heavy. Most of our scriprs run at 0.00 or 0.01-0.03

I think the menu itself is what causes lag.

Maybe make it work with commands only?

/aimgangster. Etc etc


Great script, grants great immersion for gang roleplay, people really love to play with animations :wink:

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great work

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It’s possible to Save the selected anim after relog?

Yes, I’ll see what I can do, I’m thinking of rewriting it.

Yea I can make one like that thank you for the suggestion.

You can set the default animation in the config.

Would help a lot. Still some anim bugs after change animations.

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I’ll be working on an update today


That so good!

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Any update? :stuck_out_tongue: If you add KVS, you can store player preferences across sessions and servers.

Yes I created a v2 which runs at 0.1 to 0.3 ms and is way more optimized. Also what do you mean by KVS.

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KVS is like a database that stores people’s preferences. so if they choose say, gangsta aim, when they leave and rejoin the server, it stays as gangsta aim and doesn’t go back to default unless they click the default one. Unlike frameworks or SQLs or whatever, it doesn’t require any third party resources or anything to store players preferences.