[RELEASE] FiveM Resource Update Checker | fivem-checker V1.0 [Free]



FiveM Checker is a Resource that uses HTTPs Request to know if resources are outdated or not.

(They need to be compatible with fivem-checker, more info below)

List of already compatible resources

Some new features will be added soon: Command to check for updates (instead of having to restart the resource or the server), Auto-Updater, Update checker for non-compatible resources, etc


  • None (For now I guess?)

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First step

You will need to add several Metadata into your fxmanifest.lua files, tho, the Metadata fivem_checker is required to make your resource compatible with this checker.

Manifest Metadata Required/Optional Description Example
fivem_checker Required Without this metadata, the checker won’t be able to “see” your resource fivem_checker 'yes'
github Required Link to the GitHub repo of your resource github 'https://github.com/clementinise/kc-test'
version Required Version of your resource (You will need to change this everytime you release an update) version '1.0'
name Optional Name of your resource (You can also use color code) name '^2Test Script'

Second step

You will also need to add a file labeled version (An example can be found here) in your GitHub repo

This file need to respect certains syntax:

Syntax Required/Optional Description Example
<version-number> Required The version needs to be in between angle brackets <1.1>
- Changelog Optional Each line of the changelogs needs to be separated by a minus symbol - This is a test sentence

Last step

There isn’t, only those 2 steps are required to make your resource compatible with this resource :+1:


Download the latest release.

Drag the folder into your <server-data>/resources folder
Add this in your server.cfg:

ensure fivem-checker

Note: This needs to be added at the end of your resources list in server.cfg


Nice release!

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nothing happens i have followed the documentation

Edit: well it seems that i had my repo in private lol and that’s why wasn’t working.

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Okay so it seems when a version cant be found it breaks all the other versions. None is shown
Also if the previous version is 1.0 and the update is 1.0.1 it will say its up to date.
It does not check if it has more than 3 numbers or not.

Those are some tests i done @Clementinise
If you want to have a look and make it better to have at least a print saying can’t be found instead of breaking all the others.

We using this for our framework which is really helpful.

I will take a look at it and try to fix this, thanks for all the testing you’ve been making!