[Release] FiveM Advanced Heli Script/Cam

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I am a developer in a server and have received permission to post one of my creations publically. My server was tired of the same old heli script and it just wasn’t doing what we needed from it.

Soooo here I present a more advanced heli script.

NOTE: This is an early one of my projects and was private within a couple of servers, As this is slightly different from the private version. So if you find any bugs please report them.

Make sure the resource name is “postaldisplay”

To this guy for the idea and a look at his code. This code was not copied but inspired.

Toggles camera
Keyboard = E
Controller = DPad Right

Cycle camera modes
Keyboard = Right Mouse
Controller = B

Toggle entity lock
Keyboard = Space
Controller = A

Reset Camera
Keyboard = Q
Controller = DPad Left

Place Marker
Keyboard = X
Controller = L3

Remove Marker
Keyboard = H
Controller = R3

Vehicle Speed
Keyboard = Tab
Controller = X

Road Overlay
Keyboard = V
Controller = Back

Spotlight (In cam only, don’t jump out xD)
Keyboard = F
Controller = Y


I’m heading out of town for a long time so I will barley be able to work on the script. Everyone has full permission to do what you please and post it however you must provide credits to the following.

Oculus Development

Do not sell this script either keep it for yourself or share publically.

Thankyou all sorry for the abrupt end. The only thing that I currently know needs fixing is the Spotlight :wink:


Feel free to make a video showcase and post the link.

Haven’t tried it yet but I’d still like to thank you! :smiley:

Nice release @XtorsionDoesLua
I will be looking for bugs. :smiley:

Nice release, cool on the street names(will be checking it out)! You should probably unpack the contents in your repo rather than zipping it up though, just some friendly advice.

Please download the latest version. A bug was causing the lock function not to lock sometimes.

Thankyou. Sorted in my newest release :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it. Please feel free to take a look at the update which fixed a few minimal bugs.

Just wondering where are the server sided of scripts at?

I don’t understand. Unless you mean the .lua client and server files. If thats the case is all .dll format

He means in the resource lua you declare server files but they are not included in the repo you just have client files there. There are no server files in the github repo. This is most likely all client side anyways but i think thats what he is asking. Also I recommend using fxmanifest instead resource.lua

Fxmanifest is the new manifest versions for fivem. Has been for a little while now not sure why people are still using resource.lua

Either way would love to see a showcase but otherwise nice work.

You got a showcase of this?

Nice job men

Not currently but I may add one soon. If anyone makes one I will add it to the post.

Releases require source code

Blaine County Finest Department of Justic Roleplay. The server I dev in. Also used by DOJ but created by myself Ryan. Also like I mentioned this is the public release so it is missing some features from the DOJ or BCFDOJ.

OOOH ok that makes more sense now

Yeah i cant seem to get the spotlight working it dosent seem to turn on

Strange I will take a look into that thankyou. And no problem on last xD

In the next release I will be working on the public release making it different from the private resource.