[Release] FiveM Advanced Active Officers

You are the man. Thank you so much. Couldn’t fine the problem.

Awesome, finally. Thanks!

Guess I wasn’t the only one with that issue. :slight_smile:

Can you somehow make callsigns in front of name in chat?

If you use last ESX, you just can use: xPlayer.getName ^^

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When dragging the menu, how do I get the mouse to go away? I can’t close out of the menu whatsoever. I’ve tried stopping and restarting the resource and also tried pressing every button on my keyboard (including esc) to get out of it, but none of the buttons will work.

Escape works just fine for me. If you renamed the script, put it back to the name it came with or the NUI won’t see your keystroke

Oh alright, preciate it. Also, do you know how to toggle going on and off duty?

ALSOOO, sorry for the spam. Any way of making it so ONLY PD can utilize the command?

You have to have a set job for off duty. Like this script uses policeOff or offPolice. Add that to your database. And when a player clocks out of police, make it change their job to the OFF version

It is set up to only allow Police or off duty police to use

    if xPlayer and (xPlayer.job.name == 'police' or xPlayer.job.name == 'offpolice') and args[1] then

Cool script, thanks!

you fix that? i have the same problem

Hey, are you planning to make different jobs able to use the same system?

for qbus this script work ?

While in the drag menu, How can I get the mouse away? I cant close this, I tried pressing every button on the keyboard but nothing, Only restarting the script works, But there is a fix to that?

how to change it for latest esx

You can use Non-ESX also