[Release] Fire Script [OneSync]


Please let me know about the result! Everything runs fine on my machine. Which version did you update from? There were a few patches which required a new config.

What do you mean by this? 10 actual fires (spawner in-game) or 10 scenarios? There is a hardware limitation set by the game which causes particles to disappear or appear improperly when around too many particle sources (flames). If the “scenarios” (as I call them in the docs) are what you mean (and you’re unable to create more than 10 scenarios), I’ll need to have a look at it.

This is intentional, as the tools contained with the /firedispatch command were intended to only be used by administrators. I didn’t think of this problem when implementing custom dispatch messages… As of now you can overcome this issue by allowing command.firedispatch permission to the desired player(s).

Apologies for not being more descriptive, it seems to be 10 individual fires. When spawning a second fire either by scenario or second start fire command it equals out the total number of fires to 10. This does not appear to affect the “spread” numbers so anything over 10 will cause the standard effect of “respawning” fires that have gone out.

The script was updated from 1.4.5 to 1.4.7 (correction; 1.7.4 to 1.7.6) without a config change but everything else was altered so this could be the cause for the lack of random fires.

I’ll update this post when I do the reinstall to see if that corrects the issue, but as of now I’m highly confident it’s going to be an issue with the config.

Edit - Had to fix those version numbers, not sure where the heck I obtained the originals. A full wipe of the script and then server cache in that order prior to a fresh 1.7.6 being put onto the server with the original fires.json seems to have been the fix.

Oh interesting, as of right now we’re using the dispatch ace perm for all of our main FD as I haven’t gone about making something for them to add and remove themselves from dispatch freely just in case they wish to do other non-fire related things without adding ESX onto the server.

But where do I put that line? (I don’t know how to use ace perms stuff)

Howdy. Great resource. One question, random fire spawner doesn’t exactly spawn fires randomly. It’ll spawn fire #1, then after the prescribed time it’ll spawn fire #2 and so on. Is there a way that it will randomly pick one of my 50 saved scenarios?

I put it in my sever.cfg

Hey! That definitely shouldn’t happen. I’ll do some testing tomorrow and will get back to you with further information.

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Thanks GIMIcz, user error. Fantastic script, highly recommend!

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Hey Gimi! How can i see the scenario ID?

Hi! Unfortunately, as of now the ID gets displayed only upon creating the scenario. I will add a few commands which will help with finding it in the future - don’t have the time for that nowadays though.

There are going to be ways to obtain all existing scenario IDs, to teleport to scenarios and possibly see the spawn points through 3D text of some sort. Stay tuned, I may have a look at it in the following weeks :slight_smile:

How am I bypassing the whitelist it would be great for an explanation cause I put the ace permission into my server.cfg and it didn’t do shit.