[Release] Fire/EMS Pager + Fire Siren Resource

I just saw on the release page that it’s noted the siren does not work. It is due to the size of the ogg file. I replaced the siren1 file and renamed a copy of the fire.ogg to siren1.ogg and that works fine. So need to reduce the file size.

Fixed the siren by compressing it down. If you use this file it will work https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bj9ZuEkskiWJVYJYzatKbUXsl8H9PXGg/view?usp=sharing

I have the problem that the pager doesn’t turn on if there is a fire how do I fix this

When I do “/firesiren ss” it will only ever play once. I will wait like 2-5 minutes and I still wont be able to do it agan. It says “One or more provided stations are already sounding”. So, if someone joins after a siren they can do “/firesiren ss” and it will work. If someone is on the server when the siren plays, they can’t do a new one. We are using version 4.5.5.


I’ll implement this fix evently, for now, make use of @tromac’s (thanks).

/firesiren SS Tone plays once and wont let me drop the tones again for another hour any way to fix

Read one message up.

I have been working to make all our scripts tone out over the pager however i have been having issues getting this to work with esx_fireDispatch and esx_ambulancejob. Anyone had any luck with getting these to work.

Just recently got back into doing some server stuff, still doesn’t seem to work…

your fire dept scrips are amazing as a former irl fire dept captain it brings back a lot of memories.
Keep up the great work


Is there anyway to make the fire house sirens triggerable from outside of the game for example discord? Could be used for dispatchers who are not in game kind of like how in real life dispatchers can sound the station siren from the communications center.

Calling the pager from an external resource · inferno-collection/Fire-EMS-Pager Wiki · GitHub

Calling the fire siren from an external resource · inferno-collection/Fire-EMS-Pager Wiki · GitHub

Hi, really nice script.

I was thinking about permissions. Manually adding/remove players steamhexes is not cool for me. Is it possible to whitelist pager for specific jobs?

good Morning this id J.dunmunk I followed you video step by step i loaded into my test server and it did not work

It’d be great if “firesiren” and “page” were callable via rcon. It would make external CAD integration super easy without requiring the developer to jump through hoops.

The code is open source, modify away, within the license.

I’ve actually been trying to three days at this point. The RCON Console keeps returning “No such command firesiren”.

Which is a shame. I’ve pretty much granted every permission I could think of, if you have additional ideas, please feel free to share them. Maybe you’re thinking of something I’m completely passing over.

Are you defining the command on the client or the server? If it’s the client, you’ll need to move it to the server.

hey! sorry to revive a dead thread but do you still have this file? :slight_smile: