[RELEASE] Fire Department NON-ELS Livery Pack!

Finally a non-els pack that is not pay ware and has some decent vehicles. This pack was compailed by differen vehciles in the GTA 5 forums and converted to fiveM. I have create new liveries for all the vehilces included. The liveries are for SAFR (San Andreas Fire & Rescue) hope you guys enjoy here is a show case video of the pack:

VEHICLE MODELS NOT INCLUDED YOU WILL HAVE TO PUT THE LIVERIES YOUR SELF WITH OPEN IV (http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=how+to+change+liveries+in+openIV)

Video: https://youtu.be/6IrZFbEjDI4

Small short film depostrating the pack with liveries: (cinematic) https://youtu.be/T4iiOazb9gk

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qtg3ys0se4o516j/fd_pack.RAR/file


Liveries: Joan O.

Car models:

My other releases:

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this is getting mad, he made good liveries for some cars and that will lead more people to download them cars hence more people using them, this place is getting mad now

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huh? why u getting mad

All he is doing is releasing liveries? I don’t see the problem here at all, He has adhered to the FiveM ToS/Rules and not posted links to the vehicles.

Stop whining people, If you dont like it dont comment :man_shrugging:

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You have me all wrong. Read what i put. I am supporting you and calling this forum mad. It is getting toxic. As soon as people upload stuff they jump down there necks. This place will dry up soon of new content if it carries on

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The issue was the way the post was written and how he put the credits in the post like he was re releasing the vehicles. From our (Modelers) Point of view it looked like he was rereleasing them but its good now.

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Ah ye, I got used to it allready lmao Thats why I didnt even rlly reply to not start an argument…

I mean i have taken some scripts and re done them for people and make new scripts off the code
and then put them out there WITH FULL CREDITS and i get shot the fuck down like i was claiming i was the first person to do it. i feel like it is a battle on here and not a place to enjoy mods and scripts.

Great release :star2:

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20 thinginyisina

Have one problom with it for some reason this happens if you can help me Am so sorry from before tho

Happen to me 2 times

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what happened?

The black on the top and sides and in your video you have a bit more fire truck then i can download right now?

oh wait yeah I will see why that is happening, i think that one has a secound texture file for some reason and have to find it. gtg now to bed so yeah tmrw morning will try to figure it out.

That is just how the truck is in OpenIV it wont be black in game

oh ye yr right I am st*pid lmao

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If I’m not mistaken, they’re all leaks…

??? What i found them he was trying to hide them i got all the links to them and f your post no rep and your release are so bad!!

Those models are all public.

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It’s a second texture like Joan said above, it looks fine in game though from testing it out.