[Release] Fire Alarm + Fire Panel Resource

I’m having an issue where I am currently unable to test the alarm system via the control panel. I’m logged in to the panel with the correct password, I just cannot navigate through the panel.

Make sure you are using the correct buttons to navigate: https://github.com/inferno-collection/Fire-Alarm/wiki/How-to-use-the-control-panel

Quick question, I am getting this error whenever I use the “/objects” command for the inferno-objects script. I also got it with line 61. I’m not good with scripting, can someone help?


Line of error: ergewrewrg

This means you have a syntax error in one of your JSON files. Use a website like this to check them.

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Thanks so much sir, it was just a single comma, and I’m really grateful your making scripts for fire and ems, this is the best fire alarm script and I’ve never seen such good quality fire scripts like yours!

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Thanks you for all the usefull scripts, theses add a lot more immersion to my calls!

Also I changed the model used for the control panel to this : “hei_prop_hei_bio_panel
It fits better than the ultra-big electric box! (I know you’re doing a custom 3d model for it but in the meantime this one can be used)

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