[Release] Extended Events

Note, this is a BETA release. Don’t expect 100% stability.

This is a resource that adds a bunch of new events to which other scripts can listen to. Makes life easier a bit for developers. :slight_smile:

This resource will do nothing by default.


Also the project can be found on GitHub.


Here is a always up-to-date list of events (of this script) that you can listen for. I’m always trying to add more events to extend functionality.

The events have to be listened for on the client-side.

Here is an example on how to use this:

AddEventHandler("ee:onPlayerStartWanted", function(wantedLevel)
    TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "", {0, 0, 0}, "Your wanted level is " .. wantedLevel)


Too short too short

It was already stated in the top post, just think I need to make it a bit more obvious.

Also what do you mean with “shouldn’t be in events but more in if statements”?

Why not? Event based code should almost always be preferred.