[Release] ev-jobcenter | QB & ESX


A simple NUI job center.





  • Automatically find your framework (ESX, QB)
  • Easy to create jobs with or without whitelist through JSON
  • Easy to create backgrounds.
  • Rules page.
  • Bugs page.
  • Settings page.
  • Save background.
  • Discord webhook.
  • Multiple jobcenters.

This project does not contain a license, therefore you are not allowed to add one and claim it as yours. You are not allowed to sell this nor re-distribute it. If you want to modify or make an agreement, you can contact me. Pull requests are accepted as long as they do not contain breaking changes. You can read more here

Gotta clear that I did not test the qb version + there are some webhooks.


@D4NT3SPACE For the couple of rules.
@Pa1nlessz For testing since I didn’t have a good pc to test and for the video.


Great Job brother


Amazing work buddy hats off :clap:


Great :+1:


Good job Bombay!


Very Nice Release !

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Nice release bombay, i wish your laptop continues working xdd <33


Works great ! good work !

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Great job dude!

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Amazing job!

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how to accept job as admin?

There’s no way to accept. It just notifies you and you can go to him.

Hi, how do I move that point somewhere else?

You can take a look at how it’s done here.

im having a weird issue where the web hooks are being sent to the same channel., both ems and police will only show in one channel, and police reports show as AMBULANCE and vice versa, and only show in either the ambulance channel or police channel, not seperate. everything looking good in the config but no matter what they sent the EMS and LSPD hooks to the same chan even tho they diff hooks?? weird

Did you download the latest version? Release ev-jobcenter | Whitelist webhook · EntityEvolution/ev-jobcenter · GitHub

Yes, im using the newest version, i will reinstall the whole script and reset all my channels hooks AGAIN!! and try once more before i have to ditch it. it is amazingly beautiful tho and everything, reports, bugs, suggestions all work fine, it just comes down to the hooks being different but everything LSPD-EMS related is only showing in one channel despite 2 separate channels with 2 separate webhooks.

With QBCore, do the applications get posted to the bossmenu?