[Release] [ESX] yrp_scoreboard - easy to use and clear design

yrp_scoreboard by YourRolePlay Development

An yrp_scoreboard off the Stadus_Scoreboard resource.


  • Reworked active jobs
    • jobs :
    • police
    • ambulance
    • taxi
    • mechanic
    • miner
    • farmer
    • fisherman
    • trucker
    • All jobs can be turned off in config
  • Advanced config
  • Notification of whether you can doing illegal actions
  • and lot of more ( watch the video for yourself )

photo 1 ( police are on the server)
photo 2 ( police is not on the server )
config photo




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What version of es_extended is needed for this script ?

I did it on es_extended 1.2, but I guess it shouldn’t matter.

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nothing is happening when i press Delete. I built a command to open ti as well and it still doesnt open. ToggleScoreBoard() doesnt seem to be sending the toggle function.

Yup, same here.

Thank you for the warning, I’ll check it out. What version do you use es_extended ?

I’m sorry, it’s already fixed.

kinda annoying that the job icons aint centred :smiley: haha however good job <3