[Release] [ESX] Weapon Ammunition with Clip Item | Ammo saved in database

anyway we can make this work with esx 1.1?

will legacy support it

I only tested it with esx 1.2 so please try it by yourself and give feedback if it works or not :slight_smile:

Big Update v4.0

  • Added clip Items that can be used for weapon category only

Would be cool to see an attachments type of script for esx. all current ones are pretty ass…

Do you mean an item for an weapon attachment? If used then it sets the attachment to the current weapon?

Correct, like a scope or grip. and ofc some way to remove the attachment from the weapon most likely with a different item.

That’s a nice idea. I think I implement that as soon as possible.


Update v5.0

  • Added items for weapon components
  • Added an item for removing weapon components

One issue so far is I can use attachments that don’t belong on a certain for example I can use a grip on a pistol. another thing is for some reason when you go to remove the attachments you can only use the pistol section to remove attachments on all weapons, here’s a little video for it. 2022-01-06 19-36-37 but if anything this could be better than having a remover for each category and more for just one remove altogether if you catch my drift.

I will fix that as soon as possible.

Update v5.1

  • Fixed Weapon Component Menu (ESX Menu)

NativeUI still in development but is finished soon :slight_smile:

Update v5.2

  • Added all Text Items to the locale files
  • Added NativeUI

Update v5.2.1

  • Fixed some locales with NativeUI

Working good just still that one issue of being able to use an attachment on a weapon that the attachment doesn’t go on.

I am working on that :slight_smile: