[Release][ESX] [Vangelico Robbery] V 2.0.0 / 2019 SEPTEMBER 02

I cant find the ymap for this one, can anyone send the interior

Weird that people can’t seem to find the YMAP for this any longer. When we installed esx_vangelico_robbery, the YMAP changed along with it, maybe something that’s being installed incorrectly?

just download: bob74_ipl

yo did u fix this?

It wont load in for me… any help please?

how can i make that you can not start the robbery with a jerry can

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Cant seem to get it to work with black money. Any help here? Where do i put the code?

If anyone can assist with changing the blip name from Robbery in jewelry to something else where would I find this?

you would find it in the locales file located under esx_vangelico_robbery\locales\en.lua (or your language)

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help me how to fix map

bro can we change lester job and give jewel selling to a gang job

I cant add the sql it says weight doesnt exist :frowning:

in the SQL query, change “Weight” to “Limit”

Still having trouble? if your using es extended do

INSERT INTO items (name, label, weight, rare, can_remove) VALUES
(‘jewels’, ‘Jewels’, 1, 0, 1)

if your using essentials mode do

INSERT INTO items (name, label, limit, rare, can_remove) VALUES
(‘jewels’, ‘Jewels’, 1, 0, 1)

The sound when you robbed the jewelry is very loud, how do i turn that lower or something?

i keep getting this error, can`t find an solution for this could someone help me out? the jewels are added as limit in my database, i checked the specified path

there you see this, i already changed the words weight with “limit” but does not make any sence, i get this error when i punch the glass animation is over and at the point i should get the jewels in my inventory im getting the error