[Release] [ESX] Usable Lenses Item

Very simple script for item “lenses”.

Download: GITHUB

Colors Available:

1 black
2 very light blue/green
3 dark blue
4 brown
5 darker brown
6 light brown
7 blue
8 light blue
9 pink
10 yellow
11 purple
12 black
13 dark green
14 light brown
15 yellow/black pattern
16 light colored spiral pattern
17 shiny red
18 shiny half blue/half red
19 half black/half light blue
20 white/red perimter
21 green snake
22 red snake
23 dark blue snake
24 dark yellow
25 bright yellow
26 all black
27 red small pupil
28 devil blue/black
29 white small pupil
30 glossed over

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Don’t be a hater, I wrote this script for 5 minutes out of boredom :sleeping:

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If it’s just 5 minutes work, then put more effort in it to make it cool.

The idea is fine and it will work for some users, but make a config for them who can’t develop and make a menu (ESX or standalone) to choose a lens color. Or another suggestion is to add an item for every color.

Also include a database file to help your users.

Keep up the work :wink:

thanks! As soon as I find the time I will make an update :pineapple:

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Nice Release

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