[Release] [ESX] Trash Search & Deposit

Awesome man, thanks for the update!

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is there a way that every dumster is different? i mean diffirent storage per dumpster?


Ya cooldown you put in doesn’t work.

So this resource only works after restarting in when my city is live. It also only works for me and no one else.

Did you find a fix ?

Hey is it Possible to make it for version 1.1 ? <3

Is there a way to make it works with mf-inventory?

Can i make that without bt-target ?

Because with bt-target dosnt Work.

You added the code from the description into your bt-target client.lua file? If so, I’ll need more details than “doesn’t work”, such as what doesn’t work? You don’t get the option when looking at a dumpster, or when you click search or deposit nothing happens?

When i Open the Bt-target then it doesnt open the Trash

[es_extended] [WARNING] Server callback “esx_TrashSearch:getStockItems” does not exist. Make sure that the server sided file really is loading, an error in that file might cause it to not load.


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Have you changed anything in the Fxmanifest file or in the server’s main.lua file? After downloading the file from Github and placing it into a new test server, I am not having any issues.

No. I dont change anything