[Release] [ESX] Tattoos Shops

hhow and where can i change that ?

Nice Script

seems like the tatoos dosent save acording to my members

AddEventHandler('esx_ambulancejob:revive', function()
	TriggerServerEvent('tattoos:GetPlayerTattoos_s', function(tattooList)
		if tattooList then
			for k,v in pairs(tattooList) do
				ApplyPedOverlay(PlayerPedId(), GetHashKey(v.collection), GetHashKey(Config.TattooList[v.collection][v.texture].nameHash))

			currentTattoos = tattooList

same here man

In your mysql database , you need to change the limit of the varchar’s. its defaulted at 255 , however 255 characters for the amount of tattoos only allows for 4-5 tattoos. So if you change the limit of the varchar to like 1000 , people can hold more tattoos via the database.

Hey is there a way i can change the clothing of the character because i use custom clothing and it puts a hoodie everytime i press E

anyone find a fix ? for the clothing, at the tatoo shop i have a shirt on .

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did you setup the cloths ppls wear in the Client, main.lua , line 207 and down , it’s the cloths setting when you enter the shop, if you use custom cloths, it’s screw the script default cloths for tattoo

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did you solve it?

How to fix tattoos dissapearing? i have put the varchar to 1000, and tried something with adding a NetEvent, so the tattoos would come back when a medic revived them, but that didn’t also work. Would appreciate it alot if someone could help!

does this even work with qbus? i put the script in, and added custom tattoos, but they wont save on the character, like the tattoos wont stick?? need help ?

tnXXXXXXXXX broooo ^^

hello guys can you explain me better how to insert the tattoos that I understand, thanks

resolved %?%

How can i change the names of the Tattoos? There only stands Part1, Part 2, Part 3 and in the Parts then No1 No2 and so on

I want the names of the parts and the Names of the Tattoos

Thank you for help