[Release] [ESX] Tattoos Shops


Tattoos Shops is a simple script that allow you to get a lot of differents tattoos. This script is only working with ESX for the moment.

A little example ?

Everybody can re-release it for different cores but please, credit me.


You can download the script here


Bloody awesome!! Keep up the Good work.

OMG!!! Thanks for your work, and share that so Cool!!!
Thanks you man! this is working perfectly!

Thanks !

Remove it from the List.lua

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But how can someone on the server remove a tatto when he dont want it anymore.
Is there a option to buy Remove Tattos?

Sry my eng.

There isn’t a way to delete tattoos for the moment :wink:

I find it vital that you can’t remove it…it should be a careful choice (in-game) just like my tattoos in real life…I am sure that the devs will have a similar resource like plastic surgery to remove tatts. Yes in real life I can get laser done on my tattoos but i paid alot of money for my tattoos…in real life…

I love this resource. Keep up the good work.

Some people are losing the tattoos and some are not. Anything particular I may of done to save mine cause it works perfectly for me. Possibly 2 many tattoos or a tattoo layered preventing the save?

Very much agreed. Tattoos aren’t a piece of clothing you can put on and take off at will. Either you get one and it’s there for as long as the ink lasts or you don’t get one. Even tattoo removal doesn’t necessarily remove a tattoo 100%. Now cover-up tattoos on the other hand, that might be a different story. Hopefully you can cover up an existing tattoo with a bigger darker tattoo and not have it looking weird. But I’m sure that’ll come later if it’s not already an option.

Can you do the same for ES Server please?? :slight_smile:

Okay so heres what I found tonight on our server when we installed it. If you go to the Tables section of the database.

For the value Tattoos change the length / set…

By default its 255 which you know if you add multiple tattoos as a lot of people want to be Tat’d up. You will fill that fast and then it will actually create an error because it doesn’t save them correctly. I actually boosted mine to 3000 or 5000 tonight. Tested it out with someone and it worked like a charm. :slight_smile:


Can you help me? The script work but when i go offline and come back tatto desepired.

Heavliy modified / improved tattoo script: StockholmCityRP/esx_tattooshop


  • proper locate system
  • optimized code
  • added experimental tattoos from Ferreira312’s fork
  • improved ui (pressing right click no longer closes menu whilst inside a sub-menu, etc)
  • proper trigger names
  • moved sql info to users database

I’m using your modification, and its amazing i have to give you that xD
The only problem that i have is that i don’t see half of that tattoos because of the camera angle :confused:
How to fix this? :smiley:
Thanks and really good work you did here :smiley:

I added expetimental tattoos from another fork, but yes the camera angles are off. Look at list.lua for all and change the angles there. It’s a lot of work tho

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Ohh yes it is sir :smiley:

Hello, I installed your script, but most tattoos do not appear at all, it’s transparent. How is this possible and what should I do to correct this, please? thank you in advance.

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I cant save the tattos. When i leave the server and join again i need to spend money again. some help?

Having the same issue =(