[RELEASE] [ESX] Shrooms | Plant - Grow - Gather

Well Optimized: 0.01 MS
Requirements: ESX
Preview: VIDEO

OD_Shrooms is an alternative farming script, which allows criminals to farm shrooms, if they can find the right environment to plant them in!

The shrooms will slowly grow up, untill they are ready to pickup.
If you are lucky, you can get a mega shroom, which can give whatever you type into the config.

The script checks which ground type you are standing on.
The default ground type, that is enabled for planting shrooms, is the two ground types, that are used just outside Paleto, in the forestry area.

All the code is open to edit and is not encrypted in any way.
The script is well optimized, and uses 0.01 on idle, and 0.01 at max for each shroom planted, untill it’s picked up, as shown in the preview video.



  • Added effect when you eat the shrooms.

Config File Preview:


Very cool.


Very nice script! I recommend it very much!


This is probably the most creative, terrific, fantastic script ever made by any humankind. I recommend this script very much :smiley:

now to figure out a good trip for them eating

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Yeah, will add this in an update now :smiley:

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It’s updated, with effects added :smiley:

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Nice Update

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Yes. Nice update

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purchasing now
lmfao whole server fitting to be a mess

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forgot to put what mushrooms you harvest, might add that in the readme

What do you mean :grin:

You can only harvest the shrooms you plant :nerd_face:

no item on the SQL for the mushrooms you harvest <3 only spoores

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Oh! Will update that tomorrow :+1::smiley:

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Does this sync across players on the server? Onesync infinity compatible?

It’s Client side, and is onesync compatible. Tested with 80 players

So other players can’t see other players plants, pick other players plants or see other plants grow ? Since it’s all client side .

Yeah it’s all client side ATM.
Might rewrite it, so it would be possible for the police to confiscate the shrooms and such :smiley:

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Interested in this resource, but for our server, the rework to make it server sided would be required for sure.

Have you any timeline or update on this proposal?

Whippet :100:

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