[Release] [ESX] Shops UI, free

Looks more modern.
Love it!

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okay so you would have to contact me private somehow. I cant really tell whats the problem without having any errors or whatsoever.

appreciate it a lot!

I fixed everything, now everything works

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very nice to hear :slight_smile:

Sorry I am a newbie here. Could you please tell me how to import shop.sql to my database ?

well, are you using heidisql or phpmyadmin?

or maybe, how do u even connect to your database?


good work


How did you solve it, I have the same problem

what exactly is the problem with the store not closing or not buying items ?

it does not allow to buy, nor does it close the menu, in general 3 the same error of your video

well, to begin with, the folder should be called as I wrote below and it is written in the same way in the config

also, if you have a new version of ESX starting from 1.2 and higher, then you need to change the code
in server.lua line 83 and to the end, on

     price = price * amount

if xPlayer.canCarryItem(itemName, amount) then
		xPlayer.addInventoryItem(itemName, amount)
		TriggerClientEvent('esx:showNotification', _source, _U('bought', amount, itemLabel, price))
		TriggerClientEvent('esx:showNotification', _source, _U('player_cannot_hold'))
	local missingMoney = price - xPlayer.getMoney()
	TriggerClientEvent('esx:showNotification', _source, _U('not_enough', missingMoney))


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Thanks for taking care of my job! :hugs:

Captura please where do i translate this “kup”

go to → esx_nty_shops\html\scripts.js

there on line 56 u will find
'<div class="buy" name="' + item.item + '">Kup</div>' +
Simply change “Kup” to “Buy”

I fixed everything, now everything works,

Thank you @Nicety_PL great job,

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