[RELEASE] ESX Real Parking | Store vehicle like the real life

you dont have a plate on that vehicle, this value cant be emtpy, this value will be giving to you if you buy a car from a vehicle shop resourch. if you have a costom shop make sure that the data is placed correctly.

This is the code where you have the error,

if you look, you see that it ask you if you want to use the old or a new version of ESX (See config file)

So, if you have version 1.0 then you have to use old esx.
thats the reason why you get this error.

Line 7: Config.UsingOldESX = true – If you are using ESX 1.2.0 or higher please leave this to false.

also the requested values cant be emty, or nil… so check your database if this row has a value in it. if this is not the case then you get the same error aswell…

When I add a new parking area in the config.lua there area works but does not show blip on map.