[Release][ESX] rd-animations - Advanced Animation Menu, 600+ Animations, Walking Styles, Facial Expressions


Hello guys!

We hereby present our custom and advanced animation menu resource for your roleplay server with unique and amazing features to diversify your roleplay.

PREVIEW Advanced Animation Menu


  • Walk Styles and Face Expressions saving after relogging.
  • Possibility to one time animation play or in loop mode.
  • Favourite animations saving:
    • List with favourite animations.
    • Possibility to set 6 different sets of favorite animations (5 animations in each set), which can be played by pressing the key.
  • 600+ animations in config by default.
  • Animation play with whole body or only upper body.
  • Fully optimized; 0.00-0.01 ms on idle and 0.02-0.03 ms when using playing anim, handsup etc
  • Synced perfectly between all players and works flawlessly.
  • Crouch system builded in animations.
  • Built-in ability to raise your hands.
  • Finger pointing bind.



  • ESX Legacy and below. We recommend overextended version of es_extended (We are not supporting EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)
  • mysql-async or oxmysql



Future updates

  • Shared animations
  • Weapons animations



  • We have added an export that allows you to set the value responsible for playing the animation from an other script, so that canceling an animation from an external script will be possible.

QBCore Relese

QBCore - rd-animations


  • If you require support, just drop a message below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

When you buy now, you will receive all future updates


Don’t use database for this, maybe cache system?

Possible to add more custom animations? Are these the same animations as in DP Emotes?

Data is assigned to a character, so the cache is excluded. Each character has separate settings. Along with clearing the cache, the player would lose all saved settings.

Yes it’s possible to add more custom animations (in config file) and it’s very easy. No, these are not the same animations as in dpemotes

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Ok thank you, I would need it to be similar to dp emotes so it’s not confusing for players to use.

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No problem

Did you try having a player play an animation and another player join after the fact?

can we still do things like /e handsup

Yes, HandSup is possible to play by bind or /e handsup ( All animations is playable by command )

Yes, it’s work perfect

very nice, I think I was your first buyer

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Thank you for support. We hope you enjoy our scripts.

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very good job man, I hope the next things will be so good too

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We focus on the highest quality of our scripts.

i have the menu and some dance emotes do not work ?

Read readme file and contact us for customer role and help.

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Could you copy my posts somewhat more lol? :rofl:

Example of one of my topics: link

Example of yours:

I was a bit inspired when creating this post, because this is our first post of this type. If this is a problem, I can change it.

so you want credits for a cfx forum post now? seems a bit off to me lol

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