[Release] esx-qalle-camerasystem - CCTV / Photograph of players



  • This is a simple script i made along time ago, still useful.

  • This gives you the opportunity to have CCTV in some place or to add it into the sell drugs to npc script.

  • Example : I added this into my selldrugs to npc script. Which makes them take the phone and send it to police station.

function CallPolice()
    local currentPed = oldPed

    ESX.ShowNotification('I dont want this kind of stuff!')

    FreezeEntityPosition(currentPed, false)



    TaskReactAndFleePed(currentPed, PlayerPedId())


    TaskPlayAnim(currentPed, 'cellphone@','cellphone_call_listen_base' ,3.0, -1, -1, 50, 0, false, false, false)


    if GetEntityHealth(currentPed) > 0 then

        local x,y,z = table.unpack(GetEntityCoords(currentPed))

        TriggerEvent('skinchanger:getSkin', function(skin)
            TriggerServerEvent('esx-qalle-camerasystem:addWitness', skin, "Drugvictim")

        TriggerServerEvent('esx_phone:send', 'police', 'Someone tried selling me drugs, I did get a photograph of him, sent it to you!', { x = x, y = y, z = z })

    currentlyDoingDeal = false

  • This make them be added to the witness list:
    TriggerEvent('skinchanger:getSkin', function(skin)
        TriggerServerEvent('esx-qalle-camerasystem:addWitness', skin, "Label")
  • You could easily make a cctv system and count everyone that walks in of an door with the code-snippet above ^


  • ESX
  • skinchanger
  • esx_skin


  1. Download: https://github.com/qalle-fivem/esx-qalle-camerasystem

  2. Add this in your server.cfg :
    start esx-qalle-camerasystem



Nice Release :slight_smile:

Hello nice script but can you put more photo because a sa we not all

i like it alot
Hope you come out with many more!

Hello @qalle

How did you manage to dress both skirts and socks?

I really wanna use this script for some drug spots, instead of npc’s, where can I put in the coordinates? @qalle

kardeşim her yerde seni görmek istemiyorum bi sorunla karşılınca direk pat diye yazıyorsun biraz uğraş bak bide kendim yapıyorum diyorsun scrip leri satıyorsun yaptığın ayıp biz ne sorunla karşılaştıysak kenidimiz çözdük git adam akıllı iş yap

someoone havee screenshot and videos how work,

Nice release bro !

But I have a little suggestion, can you do it for esx_addon_gcphone too please ?

For exemple, the original script is working:

AddEventHandler('notifyc', function()

	PedPosition		= GetEntityCoords(GetPlayerPed(-1))
	local PlayerCoords = { x = PedPosition.x, y = PedPosition.y, z = PedPosition.z }

    TriggerServerEvent('esx_addons_gcphone:startCall', 'police', 'Alerte: Quelqu un me vend de la drogue', PlayerCoords, {

		PlayerCoords = { x = PedPosition.x, y = PedPosition.y, z = PedPosition.z },

hey i need a you esx_menu_default share to me?