[release] ESX New properties script + furniture script (one owner per house, lock door/unlock door) non instanced

Menu does not work after restarting the server!

ERROR] [MySQL] [SM_Properties] An error happens on MySQL for query “INSERT INTO sm_owned_properties (owner, name, price) VALUES (‘steam:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’,‘123BrougeAvenue’,150000)”: ER_NO_DEFAULT_FOR_FIELD: Field ‘key1’ doesn’t have a default value

OK! Now I get the message: someone already owns this house!

in mysql make key1 have a default value

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fantastic script! got it working :smiley:

Glad to hear.

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Unfortunately I keep getting the following error each time a player logs on,
“SCRIPT ERROR: @SM_Properties/client.lua:50: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘ESX’)”

Because you are using the new esx. can try removing the top callback for esx object. Not sure tho haven’t used the new esx.

Any chance there will be a closet or waredrobe saving points for outfits within this?

Nah not right now.

The script dont insert data in sm_owned_properties :S

no you have to run the sql lol

yes i´ve importet the .sql but when im buying the house nothing gets inserted…

Is it possible to pickup/remove a safe you have placed into your house. then sell the house and use the safe for a different house ? Also is the motel folder a separate interior, if so what are the coords ?

As of now, the code for it is partially there. Not complete tho. Motel?

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Ok no probs. was hoping picking the safe back up was possible. would be a good addition to your script… .its a great script non the less :wink: in regards to Motel. there is a motel folder inside the MLO folder when i downloaded your script. I thought it might have been a 2nd interior.

Yeah if i was still working on the script i would add it. Not sure why i put the motel in there lol.

Anybody know how to get this to work with Inventory HUD? Been going through esx_property as some suggested before for some hints but the arguments seem to be almost totally different. I have also looked at inventory_hud wiki with no luck either! I am new to coding and this is the first time I have tried to integrate inventory hud to another script.

I would see some preview.

does it support ox_inventory? cuz i tried it with it on and it didnt work