[Release][ESX] Money Truck Robbery's

Another thing is when I comment in the part for :
“xPlayer.removeInventoryItem(“Config.Item”, 1)”
in the server lua I’m not able to start the hacking process, any idea how I could fix it or what I’m doing wrong? No console errors or anything…

cant find where the car spawns

where can i find the truck?

same here, cant find where they spawn

Can change the items to Money ??

this scripts works pretty well - good job :slight_smile:

I know your not providing any support anymore, but nevertheless is there someone who could help me out on sorting off, stockades which are in users hands? this is something you can abuse if you buy a stockade and wait after the cd turns off (which is the only tool to prevent - more or less) the abuse… im not very well in coding with db-querys but that could be a hint how to do it? (to check if a stockade is or is not in owned-cars table) and if not then you would be able to rob it, otherwise not. also in regarding of using stockades by a securityjob or something like that… I just dont want to change the model of the car to an addon, cuz then it wouldn’t spawn in the normal environment to rob it…

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He literally said he wasn’t providing any more support. So if you don’t see a video, you’re not getting one.

Hi i got question! Where does the truck spawn?