[RELEASE][ESX] KASHacters Multi Character

Do you know what’s the problem on my server?

How do you fixed it?

ok so i keep getting people stuck at a blurry screen and it seems there characters are duping. Not sure what i have done wrong can someone please help…ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query “UPDATE users SET identifier = ‘Char3:11000010f93e900’ WHERE identifier = ‘steam:11000010f93e900’ {=}”: Duplicate entry ‘Char3:11000010f93e900’ for key ‘identifier’ e[91mSCRIPT ERROR in reference call: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: indexe[0m Duplicate entry ‘Char3:11000010f93e900’ for key ‘identifier’

Dumb question… but when I edit the user identifier tables, in kashacters/ main lua , which seem to be either “ identifier” or “owner”, if my database addon_account_data doesn’t have either identifier or owner in the table, do I create one? Does it have to be primary?

so this is a prob i have on the server the cloth and stored colth is shearing true the chars how can i fix that it is the same with items anny help would be help full and it dosnt gives anny error anny thing i have notice in the datastore it dosent create a new line for eatch char

in the sql is like

id name owner data

548 property steam123 the cloth id

but when i change char it is still

548 property owner char123 the cloth id

sorry for my bad english but it just swap frome owner steam123 to char123 and i cant understand why ?

I have a doubt there are 2 identifier tables or where the steam comes out: 123123123
the “user” and the Employed, the employee side where should I go? I don’t know if I let myself understand thank you very much.

Here I leave the script, and I adapted it to work correctly with the kasharacter only missing the side of the employee who does not change or recognizes the steam: 123123123

on the “employed” side the steam identifiers are stored (steam: 123123)

On which side should I put that table in the kasharacter I hope you understand me.


So also having the same issue and copied your main.lua, i now get a global ‘Createaddoninventory’ calling a nil calue

any ideas?

Can i create a KASHacter player that would autoload an NPC skin… ? i have done great things so far with KASHacter but i dont know where to look… just a hint would be appreciated, i can do the rest. thx!

In “users” table, column “skin” … can i swap a blob of {data} that could be interpreted as an NPC skin ?

so some of my players are having an issue with the mouse loading up on they screen. Everytime i use the latest version of mysql-async it causes it. So i downgrade one time and it works fine any fix for the latest version as for im using esx_police_cad and its not compatible with older versions.

u found a solution?

Hello have u done essentialmode/client/main.lua line 6-16

	while true do

		if NetworkIsSessionStarted() then

while true do

	if NetworkIsSessionStarted() then

And make sure your esx_kashacters/client/main.lua line 53 is

AddEventHandler('kashactersC:SpawnCharacter', function(spawn, isnew)

    local pos = spawn
    SetEntityCoords(GetPlayerPed(-1), pos.x, pos.y, pos.z)
    cam2 = CreateCamWithParams("DEFAULT_SCRIPTED_CAMERA", -1355.93,-1487.78,520.75, 300.00,0.00,0.00, 100.00, false, 0)
    PointCamAtCoord(cam2, pos.x,pos.y,pos.z+200)
    SetCamActiveWithInterp(cam2, cam, 900, true, true)
 if isnew then

This should fix your problem

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That code is syntactically incorrect, so…

big doubt

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Having issues when i select character everything loads fine, but my character is spawning in as a ped skin and not the clothing i selected when i registered/changed.

Have this script for vrpex???

I mean it works for me fine so :slight_smile:

hey i have a question can some one help me with my esx_society errors ? 1 when a boss of a job joins i get this error

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_society/server/main.lua:171: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘account’)

ref (@esx_society/server/main.lua:171)
handler (@esx_addonaccount/server/main.lua:111)
ref (@esx_society/server/main.lua:170)
TriggerServerCallback (@es_extended/server/functions.lua:33)
handler (@es_extended/server/common.lua:88)

and when i try to put money on the society bank account i get this error

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_society/server/main.lua:100: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘account’)

handler (@esx_addonaccount/server/main.lua:111)
handler (@esx_society/server/main.lua:98)

esx_society: https://hastebin.com/enadonufon.bash

esx_addonaccount: https://hastebin.com/opikuzepuy.bash

es_extended: https://hastebin.com/ubamarakiv.rb

pls add or dm me

can this come up when when the server cant use your id ?
because when i do /goto 1 it says incored id but im the 1 id?
but i can give jobs

Anyone know how to delay huds like esx_basicneeds or street huds from showing up while in the character selection, see image below:



Do you add that code to each script or specify the script you want hidden in that code?


Spawns me under the map near vinewood everytime but when i respawn it now spawns me at my dedicated place i want to spawn at when i join the server. I have looked through the script and cant fin d anything making it do this. It is 100% Kashacters