[Release] [ESX] Invest

please help me : i have this error in console :sob:

you didn’t import the sql into the database

you get notifications in the console when there are new stock / when someone bought it

oh. thanks

Im Sorry. How can I check how long each plugin takes to load?

i was waiting this script for a long time :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: , is there any way to predict which stocks will go up or down?

nope there isn’t, it’s random

Hey so far I love this script, but my People from the Server found a way to exploit it even with the Limit in place.

So the limit works…kinda you can limit it to 10k yes but you can buy multiple of the same Company for 10k so the limit is kinda useles.
Would it be possible to check if the Person has an ongoing investment in this company and thus far cant invest any more ?
Or make the limit really work, like the limit per Company is 10k but not per Invest, but by total
so you Invest 5000 in “Ammuniation” and a few hours later you could also invest another 5000 but then you cant invest anymore in Ammunation because you hit the limit of 10k

Thanks in Advance <3

I can’t get how i can plug-in this with new_banking.
There is non config i think?
How i have to do that?