[Release][ESX] Impound UI

This Resource is a simple Impound, which allows lost vehicles to be retrieved/unpark.

[DOWNLOAD] fd_impound.rar (22.1 KB)

Installation & Use

  • Download the Script
  • Add it to your server
  • Add start fd_impound in the server.cfg
  • Add impound.sql in the Database
  • And now it is ready for use

Nice release, how long time did it take to make?

I’m actually not entirely sure of that :no_mouth:

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to test this out.

very nice!

Can you please post it to github ? :yum:

when you leave the server does your car go to the impound?? @FiveDox

Yea, here you go

It just depends on when the car despawned on your server. So if it despawns after 5 minutes, then it should end up in the impound.

Otherwise it is actually regulated that the car should end up in the Impound, if you lost it.

hey! So this only works if the car dspawns on its own right, police cant impound it correct?

I opened a pull request on Github to add vehicle labels: Added vehicle label by dutchplayers · Pull Request #3 · german-admiral-man/Impound-UI · GitHub

What can I do?

im doing this right now having all in one garage and will release soon. job garage garage impound valet everything just almost like esx advanced garad with this one with ui

right now i have only garage and impound and valet but valet is a litttile buggy sometimes not coming hahaha

yes. i see it in your files i see that this is same changing the DP TO ESX . but your work have labels so i manage to put that also haha ty

its not working for me