[Release] - ESX_GarbageCrew_v2

Did you ever get a fix for work outfits on this?

This is the error I have been getting some people can’t change into the clothes when clocking in.

make sure you have the value for skin set in the job table… that should have come with the sql entry.

For some reason This stopped working for me when I go to the bin it says must be in a company vehicle

Hello! O have the same error. I’m able to get the job but there is no red circle with bags when I arrive to the pickup place.

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Kubano do you see any of the garbage bins that are shown in the video above. There is a setting you can change … that if you lower it… the game will not render all objects in a area… and the bins might not show up. Let me know if you are not setting any bins or not.


Great job man, it is really nice i love it…

Hello everyone,

in which file can I change the clothes? With us it is completely bugged by our clothing pack :smiley:

how to disable random points?

If your asking how to make it a set route for the player to use… you would need to recode the main part of the script to make it work. If you have any questions feel free to dm me on here… and I can see if i can help you get it setup the way you want.