[Release] [ESX] [Free] JoeHUD [HUD, Seatbelt & Speedlimiter]

So I was able to get the mini map changed to square and most notifications when inside the vehicle do now appear above it. But when outside the vehicle the minimap closes and you have notification going over the hud icons for like hunger, thirst etc. How can we make it so the mini-map does NOT close even when outside a vehicle? TIA

Is it also possible to move the speed to move or another location. I can’t find in code where to do it. Since changing it to square just doesn’t align now.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 101107

Hello i have small problem i changed config.speed from 2.236936 too 3.6 for kmh. but now the hud says undefined now

So I uploaded the updated version and me and my Deputy was in setting things up and then we both crashed and I believe it is something with your script due to the error message. How to fix please?

Does anyone know how to change the HUD icons from the bottom left of the screen to the top middle of the screen? This is something that is being requested by various in my server and their opinions and their reasoning for this are valid.

Thanks for any help with this,

Can somebody help me ? https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1826772383279093143/ABACCE7E640207246DF8A9AE076498C05DBFCC20/

You have a fuel script installed? Doesn’t look that way.

Install legacy fuel or another fuel resource, this is the issue you are having. The script is trying to read for fuel and you don’t have a resource for it.

Exporting instructions for pma-voice is now void as that folder does not exist with latest release or am I blind?

this hud is very amazing.!

but idk. i see the default hud from es extended (hunger,Thirsty) but i set it on false in es extended ?
and do you know why i cant see money job etc ? i only see in the left the map and icons and spedometer

EDIT: Ok my spedometer works and the job and money works also. but idk why i see the hunger and thirst from exended

Go to esx_basicneeds > config.lua > and set

Config.Visible = “false”

Anyone know or find a fix for this happening? Other than this, this hud is amazing.

Noticed when i get in and restart the script it sets normally.

Screenshot (35)
so i love this hud then others but the armor bar and health bar another dont work only one that works is mic can someone tell me how to fix because this hud is cool


Fix ?