[Release] [ESX] [FREE] esx_carwash / Fully working car wash!

Hello, this is my first script release ever. It’s a simple car washing script, thus why it’s free.
You’re able to define your car washing locations and prices in the config.lua, a full tutorial can be found on the github, in the README file.

The script fully cleans any car that the player is in for a set fee, or even free, your choice really. It will not clean the car if you have less then set amount of money!

It might be updated, or it wont, I don’t know. Hope you like it!

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What is the difference between this one and the regular esx car wash one?

Read the code perhaps?


Nice one bro

you are miss the resource.lua

No it’s not.

Nope fxmanifest is present, __resource.lua is being depreciated so fxmanifest is correct way to go

Honestly, no clue dude. :smiley: So I’ve just got into programming in lua on fivem. Just learnt the language and slowly getting the hang of it. I feel like I got the general basics down so far. And I wanted to make and release a script, so I thought about the simpliest things I could come up with but yet somewhat useful, and I really didn’t realise one already existed. But I see this script as a learning curve, I will release it for feedback, good or bad, anything helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, still got work to do, as this is my first release ever. :slight_smile: