[RELEASE] [ESX] esx_trade


  • Buy or trade items
  • Sell items

This script is fully configurable. (Maybe it doesn’t look understandable but its not complicated)
You can configure this script as much as you want. Just don’t sell it or republish. Thanks

Script is edited version of “esx_pawnshop”. Couldn’t find the original owner of the script to give credits. In the original you could only buy/sell items for in-game money. I’ve just added option to trade item. (e.g., trade “metalscrap” and "gun_powder for “clip”)

Config.PawnTradeItem = true --If 'true' players trade item for item, if 'false' player trade item for money - money for item

WARRNING *Not every thing is in ENGLISH, some things are in SLOVENIAN and/or SWEDISH


Download - GitHub


I would suggest you use PlayerPedId() instead of GetPlayerPed(-1) because it’s faster. I’d also suggest changing Vdist to lua math.

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do you have something like this for cars?