[Release][ESX] esx_spectate with player checks (updated)

Hi. After uploading this script to my server I have a problem because when I want to finish specting, I can’t close this menu, anyone knows how to fix this problem?

when i spectate someone when i press G nothing happens why is this theres no error either and i renamed it to esx_spectate ?

does this support infinity?

this is a perfect question :slight_smile: anyone please make infiinty compatible version.


Anyone ever fixed where regular users can spectate

Please support

do anyone know how to make regular user not spectate please let me know

hey do you have a another link to it each time i click it it wont open please help im trying to make fivem server the only thing im missing is the sepectate part

The link has been deleted some time ago… reason: stupid people can only complain about problems instead of fix them…
The script was old on its own anyway… there surely are better scripts out there