[Release] [ESX] ESX_DRUGS (UPDATE version)

Line 58 is not exist in the original file https://github.com/DoPeMan17/esx_drugs/blob/master/server/main.lua

in my file it does exist

Try with the last release https://github.com/DoPeMan17/esx_drugs/releases

Works, thank you

Hi, i didnt, instead of that i made my own script

@Vincent_Graetz or someone that understands about it, is it possible to do the following process:
Mariuana would be sold at the beach, but every other drug would need to be sold at gang’s houses? Like, Heroin to a point “A”, Meth to a point “B” and LSA to a point “C”?
I really need an answer because it has do be done till Thursday!
Good week everyone!

HI,How can i turn the blips off? i want players to go and find these locations…

hi Vincent_Graetz, we just tested your script and all works perfect but we cant collect the drugs from the floor and we want to shorten the areas only for the 3 first 3 drugs. can you help? you will be compensated

I did it but its still showing blips on the map

how do we remove the blips

go to client main.lua search for blips and comment all blips related text.

you know how to do that now?

How to fix only 1 weed fits in inventory?

Yo can’t get this to work, been trying for a couple days. Unsure what I am doing wrong, cant harvest or anything? Shows the option, hit E and then nothing and errors pop up on the promp! Null and call action error.

Would love some help if anyone could help me!