[Release] [ESX] ESX_CommunityService

line 100 if i’m not mistaken.
It’s hard coded to 45. I intended to have it as a config variable but i guess i forgot. Increasing / decreasing this number will have the desired effect on the restrain radius.

  if GetDistanceBetweenCoords(GetEntityCoords(playerPed), Config.ServiceLocation.x, Config.ServiceLocation.y, Config.ServiceLocation.z) > 45 then
  	ESX.Game.Teleport(playerPed, Config.ServiceLocation)

hi,so exactly where i put all of that stuff in police menu
i cant find this row in my script where i need to put that code

elseif action == 'unpaid_bills' then

and second question where do i put that function after all of that

Are you sure you are using esx_policejob? You should be able to find that piece of code unless you modified it or downloaded a modified version.

As about the function, you can place it right after the end of another function. Try to get someone familiar with Lua or programming to give you a hand if you can’t figure it out yourself

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how to fix this ? translation [EN][CommunityService] Does Not ExistScreenshot_138

Cool release. Havn’t downloaded it yet but looking at the screenshots, its definitely on my list!

Also, add it to your policejob/locales/en.lua:

  -- Cloakroom
  ['communityservice'] = 'community Service',

thank you bro

ive been trying to add the menu to my policejob but everytime i try i just break my police menu :frowning: any help with this

switch in your locales folder, en.lua and create and insert this line:

[‘CommunityService’] = ‘Community Service’,

there are three steps to check:

  1. config.lua

Config.Locale = ‘en’

  1. __resource.lua

server_scripts {

client_scripts {

  1. locales/en.lua

Locales[‘en’] = {

i’m to late but better harrrrr :wink: #smile

the easiest way is you download your script new oder take a backup. use a software like “Beyond Compare” and check step for step

I get a problem! When i try to put someone on it! I only get my self there? I have a person ifront of me and everything, what should i do?

I have a problem setup the " How to add to policejob menu."
always error
Any help pls?

You are somehow modifying closestPlayer to your player id i guess. You can verify this by trying to sentence someone through command window. /comserv <player_id> <amount_of_services>

the command works but the menu doesnt work :confused:

I discovered a bug when the player was convicted that they just need to exit and log back in. They will be released on bail . Sr my eng is bad

There is no such thing as bail in my script. You probably have a conflict with another one. Plus there is anit combat log system which means even if a player leaves and joins the game again, continues his service

I tried and when I quit the game 2 times I will return to my character and I can go to do anything except attack someone .sr my Eng is bad

And how can i move remaining msg on top ?

hi, im having a problem… the blips to do the work is not showing up. The command is working but when the player is teleported there, there’s no blips. Can someone help me with that?

Function for adding to police menu does not work though.
Everything added, no errors, but nothing happends when clicking the button in the menu.
If not close it says “no player nearby”, if a player is close for example police, machanic, medic, unemployed etc, it does nothing.