[Release] [ESX] EnterPlaces

What is EnterPlaces?
EnterPlaces is a script that easily allows server owners to set up enterable locations throughout the FiveM map. This script takes the desired entry and exit points, and creates markers to perform the entry and exit actions.

The script comes with a few preset default locations (such as CEO offices, night clubs, and garages), but is meant to be used for other custom locations owners might want in their server.

Script Support
Given that this script is fairly simple and free, I will not provide extended support; however, if you do have any questions I will try to answer them as best and quickly as possible.


Configuration File
Now includes the ability to set the blip sprite for each location!

Video Preview


Sooo is there a download link :slight_smile:

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No download

@TheIndra Added, my apologies, completely forgot!

you add blips on and off per location and a way to make each location have different blips and you would instantly become a golden god. extra credit for optional /job requirement / passcode for entry Looks very awesome the way it is though, thanks for the hard work!

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Just posted an update via the same Github link that allows you to change the blip sprite in the config file for each location! Enjoy!

do they require permissions or anyone can enter ?

Anyone can enter at the moment. However, plan on adding permissions to the config!

wow awesome you rock!!! Golden God status unlocked enjoy the new found glory!

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Nice, is this a modified version of I think esx_teleport? either way looks good.

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Not sure, never heard of it! Appreciate the positive feedback though!