[Release] [ESX] [Drugs]

I am having issue with the entrances. No marker or anything

idk what to do

Hello good, I was doing the method of @Bla and I had an error in the meth.lua which is the following thing, I press muscle E and it does the animation but I did not collect anything, I mean, item if someone is so kind to help

you need to remove out the sql use es_extend

Does this now only have weed? When importing the database i only see cannabis and marijuana

I have this error, how can I fix it?

Hey sup i read your issue within this script we are currently running in to the same problem everything work but not the gathering. Have you been able to fix this issue and if yes how did you fix it?

Question… is this script properly working for you in your city? For us everything work BUT not the drugs gathering…

Same issue for me, did you get any solution?

I found a solution. If you are using esx-final, you have to change in esx_drugs/server/main.lua all “limit” into “weight”.

Can’t get additional locations (farms) to actually spawn plants. Only the original location. Any advice?

alguien nos podria ayudar yo tambien tengo el mismo problema

so do i have to have both ESX and Essentialmode or only one of the?

For me the doors on the drug dealer are closed? can anyone help?

I need a new download link please, it is outdated.

Is there a newer version for this script? The github links doesn’t work anymore