[RELEASE] [ESX] Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel

Nevermind I fixed it.


Why I can’t see the wheel?
Can someone share a working script please?

some fixed wheel position after rolling ? if u fixed it can u share here please !

Awesome, release good for all servers and RP. Keep it Up Dude! :smiley:

What interior?

Can someone share the full client script for MLO Diamond Casino???
Plssss :smiley:

any chance vrp?

Hi! how did u fixed it?

hey! did u find something? im lost here :sleepy:

Here’s a video of the mod working.

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Does anyone have the wheel working with this casino MLO

i have this error

hey there all… got the wheel working good having problems with the car spawning ive set it in the vehicle shop and done the luckywheel coords but still carnt get the car to spawn im using MLO Diamond Casino can anyone help ? thnx in advance

Did you ever find a wheel for that mlo