[Release] [ESX] Custom Storage

This ESX script allows you to place storage at any coordinate you want! The script will draw a marker and allow you to deposit / withdraw objects

Support will not be provided. I am using es_extended V1 final (1.2)



what versions of es_exteneded?

V1 Final

the SQL doesnt open anything for me ?!

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Had one other report that the SQL wasn’t working properly, I’m not entirely sure why. For the time being, it goes into the addon_inventory table if you would like to manually add it. Sorry!

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oh its just to add the societys on the addon inventory ?! thats easy then ty

PS: nevermind u have it write on the readme!

Thanks for this awesome to create storages have already adapted it to use bt-target working perfectly ty <3 !

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do you share your version on bt-target?

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This doesn’t use bt-target but you could easily concert it by adding an event to open the menus rather than using the key press inside the markers!

is there a possible way to add the ability to store weapons and dirty money?

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As of now, this is items only!