[release] [esx] Custom Scoreboard with jobs online

Any clue on how to Toggle Esx_Scoreboard for Admin only or Hide Server ID from users?

is crazy

Hello you have solution for make it? :slight_smile:

actually, not yet, I’ve tried several ways but I walways end up getting an error :P…

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how to change the open key

On Client side look for the SendNuiMessage({ action = ‘updatePlayerList’, players = table.concat(formattedPlayerList)}) and edit there to make it look like this (this is an example someone gave me, I edited my code to fit, you should do the same.)

		action  = 'updatePlayerList', players = table.concat(formattedPlayerList)})

	if police > 1 then
        policevalue = '+1'
    elseif police <= 1 then
        policevalue = police

		action = 'updatePlayerJobs',
		jobs   = {ems = ems, police = policevalue, taxi = taxi, mechanic = mechanic, slaughterer = slaughterer, fueler = fueler, lumberjack = lumberjack, tailor = tailor, reporter = reporter, miner = miner, unemployed = unemployed, estate = estate, cardeal = cardeal, arma = arma, stato = stato, player_count = players}

Credits to the good soul that helped me on some discord…love yall helpfull people.


Thank you so much!!!

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I forgot mentioning, I set it up to be “if over 1, display +1” only for testing purposes, you can easily edit that xD

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hehe thanks bro, will test this later! ^^

what does this error mean and how to fix it?

anyone know how i change it from stream names to rp names ???

In which file should I put the code?
In what file name should I put it?

Use After esx_extended then will be work

mine isnt showing the players names, how can i correct this?

I have a problem that it doesnt update automatic, how can i fix it?

es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [esx_scoreboard:getConnectedPlayers] does not exist

put ur scorepoard later start on ur config