[RELEASE] esx_constructor | 2 UPDATES!

all credit to @UwwU, i have only translate it in esx

recommend me other vrp scripts to translate into esx

Original Release: Click Here

DOWNLOAD: Click Here





  1. Money on the ground every time when you finish the work.


some administrator can move it to #development:releases


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i use the default video, but the script is equal in esx

oooooh. ok

This guy didn’t even make it past the fucking title before he tried to expose someone for copying lmfao


it’s not copying, it’s to help the developer expand his project with almost the entire community

Is this working on joblisting?

yes, ofcourse

I’ve installed it, and also imported the .sql, but I have some problems:

  1. The job it’s not available at the Job Center. I’ve already checked and it’s not whitelisted, and also if I do /setjob it says that the job doesn’t exist.

  2. The text from the site where you are supposed to work I can see it even if I’m not there:

  3. I can go to work even if I don’t have the job, but when I pickup the money from the floor, it gives me nothing.

Scripts works fine, thank you. Ball ache to translate though

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This work is fine, but i found a big bug. If this job in my server, all helmets don’t work.


did you found how to fix the helmets bug?

Has anyone found solution for the text thing? It annoying to be able to see the text from other side of the town. It should be job specified second of all.

Same here dude