[RELEASE] [ESX] [Colorfull HeadLights] by MilutuS

I have a problem The lights work but I can only see them. How do I see them on the client side? What I mean is that others don’t see my lights :frowning:

It’s only for npc

Someone know how to fix this ?

i have esx_inventory hud. when I give myself the zarowki item it doesnt let me use it. how would I go about fixing this?

i have 8 plate number still not working for me

Can me one help? i have many changes in the script but not function.

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It appears that the natives used for the script is not working anymore. How can this be fixed? None of our headlight colors are loading from the DB, and it’s also not rendering in-game if you select a color on the tablet anymore.

SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native 95a88f0b409cda47 in script host failed: Error executing native 0x95a88f0b409cda47 at address 0x1408b77eb


Has anyone found a fix / solution for this yet? I want to keep using this script as it worked well until our Server Artifact was upgraded, so this is obviously a FiveM issue with a broken native…

did you ever find a fix???

Nope, i’ve even tried to manually invoke the native

I just wish @MilituS could help us get this working again :frowning: It was the best

when i try to give myself the ‘zarowki’ it says item invalid. Any idea how to fix this?

nice Job

Got the same problem! Would love to know how to fix it

i have same problem

In to inventory closeui add (zarowki) item. something like that:
Config.CloseUiItems = {‘phone’, ‘weed_seed’, ‘zarowki’, ‘hifi’, ‘fixkit’, ‘medikit’, ‘radio’, ‘adrenaline’, ‘armbrace’, ‘neckbrace’, ‘bodybandage’, ‘legbrace’, ‘bandage’} – List of item names that will close ui when used.