[Release] [ESX] [Clothing Shops]

hey, did you fix it ? :confused: i have the same issue

Does it give the option to save your outfit by default? If not, how do I enable it? Because I’m definately not getting the option to save my outfits.

Still need help with this…if anyone is willing…please, let me know.

For some reason it opens up two menus for me

Hello i have error when i want to save outfit, esx_property doesn´t help

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what outfit scripts did you use?

same as me , still looking for fix

I also get no option to save outfits when changing clothes at the clothes shop. I’m using esx_clotheshop and loaf_housing

do you have resolved the problem

no man

Can you send the line giving error?

I dont can Save Outfits i only can make every Time a new Outfit can 1 Help me.

so nobody has a fix on this??? Its not just one person having the issue?


hello any response got?