[Release] esx_checkin (Unavailable)

on my server while turn on npc spawn unlimited and make server crash :vampire:


I’m not sure if you edited the code or anything, but when the resource starts it sets a single npc at the desk. It’s not in a loop so there is no way for that to happen.

Im using the last version of progress bar

Are you sure? I just checked on my end and everything’s fine. Also, I checked the latest version of progress bar and that export is in the latest version, so I’m not sure.

Im sure. Im using the last version https://github.com/SWRP-PUBLIC/pogressBar

Is the progress bar resource installed correctly? That error seems like the resource isn’t even running so the export doesn’t exist.

Yes, is correctly installed. Check


Something with the npc spawn isnt correct.
Had to remove npc code and use another script for this.

When the resource is started it sets a single npc behind the desk at the hospital, should be no issues.

I am just saying Matt, and as I see not only me having this issue.
The script is awesome and i’m using it, just without the NPC.
If you have time you could check the code and see what can go wrong…

I’ve been looking, nothing seems wrong. What exactly is your issue?

Capture This is the fix for it.

when i am dead didnt work i press checkin and nothing happen
no error on f8 or server console

Is still not working for me

My bad… i just changed it to progressBars… i honestly didnt even realize there was a script called pogressBar… seems a little Walmart brand if you ask me xD that should work if you have progressBars installed in your server though.

anyone have problem with the revive i press checkin and i spawn like this

Hmmm, I’ll look into it, seems like people are having other issues also, it could be caused by other resources, but I’m not sure.

we find anything because itested with the trigger event from ambulance job it works but i freeze and cant move any other solution ?

Preview doesnt works add an external link.