[Release] [ESX] Car Mods As Items

Negative. Nothing in his code is even close to core_vehicle and the mods have already checked it out. His code is actually very simply.

:man_shrugging: seems like it because of the images

I like this, thank you! When do you plan on adding paint? Otherwise we would need to run the usual lscustoms as well which also does upgrades, so pointless having both.

Hi could you put the inventory download?

I have core vehicle.
This is totally different, and way better as it simply applies default gta vehicle mods

Where as with core, you have to input your own values, not knowing what the defaults are, making it incredibly hard to configure.

Would there be anyway the police could do a check on what lvl parts have been added to a car?
As i was going to make the lvl 5 and some lvl 4 parts illegal in the city and add them to a blackmarket!
But havent seen anything that could show like what parts or a rating system!

looking for someone who can make a mazda rx4 fivem ready

can you also create items yourself such as neon lighting and generally other tuning parts such as rims etc?