[RELEASE] [ESX] Business system

Can I do something that others can’t buy but I can give to other people? How do I do this?

does anybody know a script of player owned shops with a boss actions menu

For ESX 1.2 (v1-final) use our fork: Fix for new ESX. by dutchplayers · Pull Request #11 · Elipse458/el_business · GitHub

Hello can someone help me there?

Anyone know how to make stock limit?

Hello Guys, I want to make a modification to the script but I still don’t have the knowledge to do it.
I am willing to pay someone who knows how to do it.
I wish there were types of companies to buy, for example, miners, cafes, liquor bars, money laundering, workshops, etc. and that they all were integrated in this script.
Does anyone know how to do?

Could be wrong, but it seems like someone might be passing this as this own and making a profit from it. Worth checking out.

is there an option to add in amenities like, a stash , garage ? or would i be hard to implement in

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Ошибка в последней версии. Не определяет игрока.

how can i change the green $ sign to something else?

If player is disconnected, ERROR with this:
MySQL.Sync.execute(‘UPDATE users SET bank = bank + @bank WHERE identifier = @identifier’,{[’@bank’] = money, [’@identifier’] = identifier})

There are not a table named bank OBV.
Accounts {“bank”: —"}

How fix??