[Release][ESX] Blip For Police

Hello everyone, this is my first topic and i want release one of my scripts, since I have only seen this in vRP, the script is basic, type /ref in the chat and the blip it will activate, a message will be sent you that confirms that you have the blip activated, another message will be sent to the connected police at the time of activating the blip, the blip are visible only for other cops in real time, this is very useful for persecutions for example.

To deactivate your blip, type the same command /ref and the blip will disappear.

NOTE: the command only works for police job.


There’s something exactly like this in police job config you know?

Except that this shows the name of the officer. The original shows the plate. If im correct

Yes, but the police job shows all the police and this can sometimes be complicated in police persecutions, this script shows only the police use the command /ref in this way it is easier to locate the police in urgent situations and this scripts show on the map the name of the police

It also shows name also I never added anything else for blips just turned mine on in settings

That is true…

so /ref turns my blip red but other cops cannot see my blip turn red… whats the point?

Use /ref to activate the blip

do you have for vrp? I am looking for it for vrp can you help me with that?

sorry for the type when I type /ref it turns my blip red but other cops do not see any difference, I would think it would turn red for every cop so they a can see where the trouble is

Make sure that your line “start policeblip” is after that the line “start es_extended”

No man, i don’t have any idea of vRP sorry

yep its way after es_extended other cops get the message but they dont see my blip turn red, i do not see theirs turn red either. I can see mine turn red . thanks for the reply, im sure its something simple im missing, since no one else is having the same issue. do not know what it could be though.

Is there a way to make it show the character name and not the steam player name?

I have a problem, when I put the command / ref what the script does is show the blip for 1 second and then deactivate it again, I don’t know why that happens, any help?

I have the same issue :confused:

dont work on legacy onesync

it works on my legacy onesync i use this for multiple jobs

Dont work for me. The notify will not show and not the blip either. Anyone know how to fix this?

onesync has to be on for it to work if onesync is not on then it wont work